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Hesperina Philanthropy Advisors for UHNW Individuals, Charitable Trusts and Foundations


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In 1985, Hesperina Group was created to help orphan children and helpless youth by Joseph Michael Gyulay.  Hesperina seeks to build and improve orphanages and to assist groups that provide food, housing, medical care and educational services to orphan children and helpless youth.  Hesperina supports the care and education of children without parents and encourages people to participate as volunteers, to donate to the various relevant NGOs and other charitable organisations supporting our mission to serve orphans and helpless youth.


Complete care for teen orphans includes vocational training, entrepreneurship programs and higher education opportunities.


Core activities are directed towards orphanages and refugee schools.


Hesperina promotes religious and ethnic diversity and believes in the equality of individuals from all religious faiths and that all religions of the world have been divinely given through one of God's messengers.


Hesperina encourages people to participate as volunteers and to donate to the various NGOs and other charitable organisations serving orphans and helpless youth.


Organisational initiatives are focused on regional projects that help reduce poverty and promote economic development.


Primary financial support comes through our founder, other private donors and family trusts and foundations.  Grants for Hesperina educational and refugee programs may also be directed using government funds.


Our work has just begun and we are achieving measurable results.  Charities must achieve standards of good governance and support the promotion of democracy and human rights.


We are very confident that Hesperina will continue to prosper expand and grow.